Functional Nutrition Counseling


Your body is uniquely yours, with the power to heal.

Whether you're trying to conceive, balance your hormones, heal from autoimmunity or dive deep into the nutrition that restores your health – let’s help you get there with guidance and support. We'll find the simple tools and strategies you need to move the needle on your health.


The Eco Nutrition Method


Step 1 Root and Connect

We will start with a comprehensive intake form, review of lab work and an initial appointment to discover the root causes, connections and areas to focus on in your health. Often times, I will recommend functional lab testing to provide additional data and pieces of the puzzle.


Step 2 Nourish and Heal

You will receive a personalized nutrition, supplement and lifestyle protocol that will help you implement all the necessary pieces into your life. We will start with real food nutrition and self care, and layer in all of the details to support your goals. This isn’t a quick-fix or crash diet, and can take 3-6 months of continued work to help you dial it in.


Step 3 Empower and Sustain

My goal is to empower you to listen to your body, and have the tools to navigate the nutrition world that’s best for you moving forward. We’ll work towards helping you find the most expansive, flexible diet that helps you maintain your progress while restoring your health. Different levels of support are available for checking in, maintenance and any new issues that arise.

 Here's what you'll get

  • 3-months (minimum) of unlimited support.

  • Initial Nutrition Assessment with a comprehensive review of lab work, goals, diet and history.

  • 75-minute Initial Appointment (virtual) to review nutrition assessment and begin putting together your plan.

  • 45-minute Follow Up Appointments (virtual) as often as needed – most clients meet every 2-3 weeks.

  • Your personal client portal with all nutrition recommendations, protocols, labs and communication in one place.

  • A written protocol after each appointment with a summary, action steps, homework and resources.

  • Support between appointments via secure messaging.

  • Any necessary research and time it takes to put together a personalized plan.

  • Functional lab tests (that I have access to) at wholesale cost.

  • 20% discount on practitioner grade/high-quality supplements available through the Eco Nutrition Dispensary.


Please apply if you're interested in working together. You will be contacted to set up a free Discovery Call to learn more and schedule your initial appointment.