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From your biochemistry to genetics to the environment that surrounds you, you are uniquely you. Tune in to your body, discover the root cause and find the nutrition you need to live your best life.


Meet Ryah Nabielski, MS, RDN

Hi, I’m Ryah (pronounced Ree-ah) and I’m not your typical dietitian. Starting out in environmental studies and sustainable agriculture, I was always interested in how we are connected to the earth through the food we eat. That led me to my graduate work at Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington, the leading whole food and natural medicine-based nutrition program in the country, providing a solid foundation in functional nutrition and clinical experience. I started my private practice, Eco Nutrition, in 2009 while completing additional training in eating psychology, eating disorders, food sensitivities, women’s health and functional medicine. I have worked with Marc David, Dr. Mark Hyman and other health leaders to reshape how we connect to food and ourselves.

Through my own unexpected challenges preparing my body for pregnancy, pregnancy and the postpartum period, I recognized how deeply we, as women, need to give ourselves more compassion and grace during times of transition. It reinforced my passion to help more women prioritize their own health and self-care, while navigating their roles as the life givers and pillars of strength in this world. That’s when I forged my own path, and redefined my practice and mission, so I can help more women navigate fertility, hormone balance, and creating a relationship with food that is aligned with their unique bodies.

I live in Denver, Colorado with my partner and our young daughter. We love exploring nature, local food, walking, resting and enjoying all the beauty and simplicity of life.


  • Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition - Bastyr University

  • Bachelor of Science in International Relations and the Environment - University of Wisconsin- Madison

  • Certificate in Environmental Studies - University of Wisconsin- Madison

  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RD/RDN)

  • Integrated Supervised Practice Pathways (ISPP) Self-Directed Dietetic Internship

  • Certified LEAP Therapist (CLT)

  • Certified Eating Psychology Counselor (CEPC)


your time to thrive

Do you feel like modern medicine has failed you? You do everything “right” with diet and exercise, yet you still don’t feel well. You know there is something deeper going on and you need help in connecting the dots. Eco Nutrition is dedicated to helping you, the caregivers in this world, by empowering you to take back your health, naturally and sustainably.


 What is Functional Nutrition?

Through a food-as-medicine approach that honors each person's unique biochemistry, genetics, preferences and lifestyle, we'll work together to uncover connections and dig deep to find root causes of your health challenges. Together, we turn to nature, traditional wisdom and science to understand your nutrition and physiology. Instead of prescribing rules to follow, we understand the 'why' to create a plan that is healing, realistic and in tune with your life. From fertility to hormonal to autoimmune health, you deserve the knowledge to make your own choices and always remain the #1 expert of your body.

You have the power to simplify life with a connected conscience that is sustainable for you and the earth.

Tools and resources we may use together include: Medical Nutrition Therapy, functional lab testing, high quality supplements, herbal medicine, homeopathy, lifestyle medicine, mind-body approaches, intuitive eating, improving relationship with food and body, self-care and self-love.



Key Values


Real Food

Restore your body with preventative medicine, and invest in your health.


Body Wisdom

Cultivate awareness, care and love for yourself.


Connect with Nature

Reconnect to the earth through the foods you eat.



Understand the microbiome, epigenomics and other cutting-edge research that give us new clues.




Collaborations & Consulting

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